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Original Party

  • 10 Participants
  • 55 Min Gym Time
  • 30 Min Room Time
  • Invitations (optional)
  • Water Bottle Per Participant

Bronze Party

  • 12 Participants
  • 60 Min Gym Time
  • 30 Min Room Time
  • 1 XL Cheese Pizza
  • 20 Juice Boxes
  • 1/4 Sheet Theme Cake
  • Water Bottle Per Participant
  • Invitations (Optional)

Silver Party

  • 15 Participants
  • 60 Min Gym Time
  • 45 Min Room Time
  • 2 XL Cheese Pizza
  • 30 Juice Boxes
  • 1/4 Sheet Theme Cake
  • Table Cloths, Forks, Plates & Napkins
  • Water Bottle Per Participant
  • Invitations (Optional)

Gold Party

  • 18 Participants
  • 60 Min Gym Time
  • 60 Min Room Time
  • 2 XL + 1L Cheese Pizza
  • 40 Juice Boxes
  • 1/2 Sheet Theme Cake
  • Table Cloths, Forks, Plates & Napkins
  • Water Bottle Per Participant
  • Invitations (Optional)

Build your party by choosing a package and add-ons from below. Everything from the Add-ons section is additional to what the package already includes.


  • Participants - $10ea
  • Shared Party - $15
  • 30 Minutes Gym Time - $50
  • 30 Minutes Room Time - $50
  • Taekwondo Breaking Boards - $1.50ea
  • Party Goods (Table cloths, Forks, Plates) - $15


  • Small Cheese - $14.50
  • Large Cheese - $17.50
  • XL Cheese - $21.00
  • Small Pepperoni - $16.50
  • Large Pepperoni - $19.50
  • XL Pepperoni - $24.00
  • Small Combo - $18.50
  • Large Combo - $23.50
  • XL Combo - $27.50


  • 1/4 Sheet Theme Cake - $33.00
  • 1/2 Sheet Theme Cake - $45.00
  • Cup Cakes - Please Inquire
  • Upgrade to 1/2 Sheet - $12


  • Waters - $1 ea
  • Juice Boxes - $4 (per 10)
  • 12oz Gatorades - $1 ea



Obstacle Courses


Interactive Games


Bounce House




Foam Pit


Party Room Time


About our Party Director

Amanda is the Birthday Party Leader. She is in charge of making sure all the details about the party are met with enthusiasm and that the staff delivers a great experience!

The child and participants should be turning 2 years old.

We generally have multiple parties scheduled so we do not allow extended time beyond the package length UNLESS you have scheduled the additional time at the time of booking the party or if another party does not follow your party. Extended time is $25.00 per 15 minutes

If you need to re-schedule your party, please call the office as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. We can’t reschedule your party within in one week.

You can share parties but will be charged the regular party package price, plus $15 to share a birthday party.

You as the party host have a few decisions. First as soon as parents come in and sign their children in they can leave if you are ok with that. We also have a great view of the entire facility with a TV and fireplace or you can all sit on the spring floor and watch your children play.

We understand things happen. If we need to reschedule your party because of weather, we will not charge you extra. However, if you have a cake you’ll need to pick up the cake and freeze it until the party date or purchase another cake.

Parties have a non-refundable deposit of $75; however, if you need to cancel the party and you do so at least two weeks prior to the date of the party, we will issue an account credit. Once the party falls in the two week window, the party becomes non-refundable and/or transferable. Cancellations may not be made via voicemail or email. Parties that need to reschedule must be rescheduled outside of the 2 week window.

We will contact you the Thursday/Friday prior to the party to confirm final head count.  You are allowed to have more children than your package includes at an additional cost of $10 per child