First, We’re thrilled that you’ve considered joining us! We are committed to providing a fun, safe, progressive and rewarding environment for your child to enjoy and grow in their chosen sport. Our community thrives on enthusiasm, respect, and teamwork, and we’re excited to have your family as part of this journey.


When first registering for classes, you need to be a member of the facility which is an annual fee of $25 per child or $75 max per family. The commitment is a minimum of 2 months. Your membership doesn’t stop or pause after the 2 months, but rather you stay enrolled in that same class until you change or pause your membership. You must have an active credit card on file, which all can be managed on the member portal!

What to Wear or how to dress: Long Hair Should be pulled back, jewelry should not be worn, Leotards are preferred or shorts/t-shirt should be worn (Avoid loose or baggy clothing as it may get in the way or become a safety hazard). We do not allow sports bras to be worn as the only top. Shoes, socks and anything else should be left in the cubbies! For ninja, indoor shoes should be worn.

Class Structure: Depending on the program, all classes start with a warm up and then rotate to 3-4 stations for each class. Each week the activities will rotate, so for gymnastics all events will be practiced every 2 weeks! Fundamentals will always be covered and repeated as that’s what we repeatedly practice! Proper technique in basics are critical to achieve more difficult skills as each child progresses! So you’ll see lots of practice and repetitions in all programs!

We love seeing our families support their athletes and coaches and hope to hear you cheering and giving thumbs up or high fives! We’re all here to support their journey in finding what they truly love!


Doors Opened


Families +


New Facility Opened




Don’t forget to visit our captivating history wall, snap a photo to share online, and become a lasting part of the PAC legacy! Just across from the history wall, you’ll find the entrance to our pro shop, where you can explore a wide array of gymnastics gear and refreshments. And, straight ahead, you’ll discover our Kids Clubhouse Gym, specially designed for our little ones’ enjoyment and development.


Our pro-shop also offers a delightful assortment of refreshments, snacks, and even ice cream. When you’re in need of a quick energy boost or simply want to satisfy your cravings, we have you covered. A tasty selection of treats to celebrate a job well done!


Your one-stop destination for all your gymnastics needs. A fantastic selection of leotards, cozy sweatshirts, stylish t-shirts, comfortable shorts, and much more. Whether you’re in search of performance attire or casual wear, we’ve got you covered. Come and explore the variety of options in our pro shop to find the perfect gift or gear for your athlete!

Clubhouse Gym

Discover our Kids Clubhouse Space, conveniently located just behind our pro shop and front desk. This exclusive area is thoughtfully designed with specially-sized equipment, tailored to enhance the experience of our Tiny Stars classes. Experience a dynamic environment where themes and obstacles change every two weeks, ensuring a fresh and engaging curriculum for your little ones.


Almost 14,000 square feet of olympic grade gymnastics equipment, training apparatus and pits fill the space for introductory to competitive gymnastics training!. An impressive modern and state of the art facility to learn and progress in gymnastics!


We’ve created the ultimate dedicated indoor gymnastics playground for children aged 1-5 years to explore, learn, and grow through unstructured open gym play. This room is completely dedicated to open gym! Raining? Bored at home? You now have an area to bring your little to unleash energy!


Our Ninja gym is located on the second floor of the gym, with dedicated equipment you see on ANW on tv. Floor obstacles to hanging challenges, this area of the gym is loaded with challenges for kids!


We offer three exclusive event spaces, perfect for hosting birthday parties and various gatherings. These rooms are situated on the second floor, strategically positioned between the main gym area and the ninja/martial art gyms, ensuring convenience and accessibility for your special occasions.


We’ve created the ultimate dedicated indoor gymnastics playground for children aged 1-5 years to explore, learn, and grow through unstructured open gym play. This room is completely dedicated to open gym! Raining? Bored at home? You now have an area to bring your little to unleash energy!

Your Membership and class start Immediately!

If you just registered for classes, we bill full or half month so your child will be on the roster immediately. Don’t pay attention to any start dates as our software shows an August start date! Our classes are billed every month from here until you drop, and it’s important to note that we do not refund payments when you forget to drop as it holds up a spot in class! Monthly payments are paid for the current month enrolled for the full month.


Enroll in classes/events/camps, update contact/athlete/payment information & More!


Make sure to follow the calendar. We will list closings, events and more!

OFFICE support

We’re here to help! If we’re at the desk feel free to stop by and say hi! We get a lot of inquires every day and do our best to respond in a timely fashion! Tip: The best and Fastest way to connect with us is by sending and email vs calling! We have several people monitor email!


Upon class registration, you understand you need to commit to a minimum of 2 months and then will pay month to month indefinitely until a drop card is filled out. It is important to note whether you select 1st/15th billing, payment is for the current month being billed. The 15th option is a courtesy we offer for families. The annual membership of $25 is due per child. The membership fee will be assessed annually on the anniversary month that your child first enrolled (i.e., your child enrolls in September, registration will be due every September that your child attends classes) The membership fee is non refundable, non-creditable and non adjustable. A cap of $75 per family for membership will be imposed for those with more than 3 children enrolled at the same time. When choosing the 6 month consecutive Star Membership, the account will be modified after submission and we’ll remove the $25 or credit the Membership Fee.

Make-Ups / Cancelled Classes

Students are allowed unlimited make-ups during the month enrolled, however if classes are missed consistently we may ask that you choose a new day or time. A class must be missed before the class can be scheduled to make up. Please schedule all make-ups on your member portal, we can also help and email is our fastest communication. If the student misses the last class of the month, they may make up a class within 10 days. Make ups may be taken in any class appropriate to the students age and ability, provided the student’s account is in good standing and currently enrolled. We reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule classes and instructors. If the gym is closed due to inclement weather or holidays, you must schedule a make-up with the office after the class is missed. Notification of cancelled classes due to inclement weather will be posted on our facebook and an email will be sent out. Any missed class which is not made up will not result in a credit or refund to your account. If your child is the only student present for any class, that class will be a half hour private lesson.


All accounts must be current for enrollment to continue. If payment is not made by the 15th of the month, a $15 late fee will be assessed to the account on the 16th. It is your responsibility to keep on top of payments, if your card expires or declines for any reason you must contact the office. Late fees will not be waived for any reason. We allow a 2 day grace period for you to see the office or log into the portal and pay your balance. After the grace period is up, we will attempt to charge the card once more and if it does not go through your child will be dropped from the class immediately. If a member is on the waiting list, you will unfortunately lose your place in that class.

Payment Policy

You authorize monthly tuition, late and registration charges to your checking/savings account or credit card. You will be charged the amount indicated by your program enrollment each month (1st or 15th). A receipt for each payment will be emailed to you. You agree that no prior-notification is needed. Pioneer Gymnastics, Inc. accepts payments via cash or check, however a card must be placed on the account. You may select the 15th of the month for autopay and can pay anyway you’d like prior to the 15th. Payment is due either the 1st or 15th of the month based on your selection and that is for the current full month of tuition. Any bank fees associated with checks returned to us by the bank will be your responsibility and will be billed to your account. The returned check fee is $25.00.

Adding or Dropping Classes

Students may change or add (as long as there are slots available) classes by contacting the office. Please do not do this on the portal as you can only add classes and you will be double charged!
Dropping Class: Drop forms are available on the ipad kiosks near the entrance of the gym or you may request to drop online. Your space will be automatically held and you will be charged, unless you drop before the 15th of the previous month by filling out a drop card online. No tuition adjustments, credits or refunds will be given if a student drops a class after the 15th of the previous month. If you do not drop by the 15th of the prior month you will be charged the entire next month.

Other Discounts

Sibling Discount

10% Off 2nd Child, 15% off 3rd for the 4th +

Active Military

10% OFF 1st Students Monthly Tuition

Discounts are applied to the lesser monthly tuition. Discounts only apply for the active enrolled student. All discounts are off regular rates and can’t be combined with any other discounts or offers including sibling discounts. All prices, discounts, membership types, class days and times can change without notice, please see the office or visit program pages for up to date class availability. Star member discounts can’t be combined with military or sibling discounts.