Ages 4+

Children need a structured program to channel their energy sometimes, improve their focus and listening skills, and aid their physical development. YOU need a program that’s going to reinforce the discipline and life skills you’re trying to teach at home.

Register your child for our action-packed 55 minute Tiny Tigers / white belt class once per week. Our certified Black Belt instructors guarantee improvements in focus, active-listening, self-control, and physical abilities in as little as 45 days or 6 classes.

Children advance in rank as well as develop a sense of accomplishment. Nothing prepares children better for the long road to becoming a black belt!



Discover the most convenient day and time for your family by browsing the options below. To reserve your spot, click on “Register” and provide all the necessary information. The fees mentioned below represent the monthly cost for attending one class per week during the month. Kindly note that a $25 annual membership is required for all students to be part of the facility.

Monthly Tuition:
1 class per week = $97
Second enrollment and beyond -50% monthly tuition off


Cultivating concentration and self-discipline is essential for young kids. In our Tiny-Tigers class, children learn to follow directions from their instructors and focus on simple tasks for increasingly longer periods. This class emphasizes crucial life skills like attentive listening, teamwork, and tidiness. Introductory Taekwondo routines are divided into manageable segments to ensure steady, confident progress for students. Our coaches focus on basic gross-motor movements to enhance balance and coordination. Through engaging, play-based learning in each session, children will swiftly experience the excitement of training!


Elementary Taekwondo techniques, based on universal principles of motion, serve as a medium for instilling our core values in new students. Concepts like teamwork, integrity, humility, and self-respect are seamlessly integrated into our teaching methods. Taekwondo training involves equal parts mental and physical development. Students will build confidence and self-esteem through their newfound skills, adapt to the class structure, and enjoy expressing themselves in a lively and engaging manner. This class aims to instill a positive, respectful attitude, self-discipline, and strong focus required for success. It marks the beginning of their journey towards Black Belt excellence!


At this stage, the fundamental concepts, principles, and patterns introduced during the White Belt training are refined into a comprehensive system of fitness and self-defense. Building on this solid foundation, students will learn to execute powerful and graceful movements by developing their first choreographed routines. These “Traditional Forms” represent the essence of our art, embodying the harmony between spirit and technique, which defines martial arts.

Memorizing these Traditional Forms fosters a sense of self-efficacy that few other activities can achieve. This phase marks the true beginning of their Taekwondo journey. Through diligent effort, students will soon appreciate the value of hard work and perseverance!

This 55-minute class is designed to enhance your martial arts skills. Orange belt and higher-ranked students are encouraged to attend at least two core belt classes per week, while Green + belt students should aim for a minimum of three practice sessions weekly, including at least two core belt classes. Develop your Taekwondo expertise with our tailored training program and see improvements in your techniques and discipline.


In this next stage of training, students will build on their initial exposure to basic patterns and Traditional Forms, significantly broadening their repertoire of solo routines, which serve as the foundation of martial arts. These time-tested solo routines, akin to calisthenics, help shape and condition students into their best selves.

Intensive training for free-sparring commences at this stage, too! The sport-specific training in competitive Taekwondo practice effectively enhances flexibility, speed, strength, and stamina. When executed correctly, sparring exercises diminish aggressiveness, boost self-control, and foster a healthy sense of assertiveness. Embrace this comprehensive training program and unlock your full potential in martial arts!


Our advanced Color-Belt curriculum propels training to the highest gear! At this stage, students will master the full spectrum of essential Taekwondo techniques. Upon completion, they will be proficient in the correct mechanical execution of all fundamental kicks, blocks, punches, and more, encompassing the entire art form.

With a solid foundation in both grace and power, students can now focus on transforming their impressive techniques into practical skills. The penultimate Deputy-Black level serves as a comprehensive review of everything they’ve learned. As basic training concludes, a new phase of leadership training emerges, preparing students for the next step in their martial arts journey.

About our Taekwondo Director

Master Dan, the program director of EDGE Martial Arts, is a classically trained Black Belt and a traditional Sah-bu-nim (Master-level Instructor). With over 15 years of experience in martial arts, his dedication and passion are unwavering.

He spearheads the curriculum for EDGE Martial Arts, setting high standards for every class to ensure optimal progress for his students. Trained in Korean Tae Kwon Do, Master Dan’s skills are as versatile as they are precise.

His teaching journey began in East Longmeadow, where he instructed students in Tae Kwon Do at the very same school he once attended. After working and training at multiple schools under various Masters, Master Dan envisioned a unique program focused on inspiring kids to excel in all aspects of martial arts. This vision ultimately led to the creation of the EDGE program.

The different martial arts all originated in different countries thousands of years ago, as forms of self-defense. Karate comes from Japan and Kung Fu from China. TaeKwonDo is native to Korea. In terms of techniques, TaeKwonDo is known as the kicking art and emphasizes kicks more than other martial arts. it is ideal for improving balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Besides the physical benefits many people practice TaeKwonDo to improve self-confidence and to gain valuable discipline. In addition, TaeKwonDo is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is the only of these martial arts that is a sport in the Olympic Games. Currently more people study the art of TaeKwonDo than all other forms of martial arts combined.

Throughout their training, students are reminded that being physically and mentally tough doesn’t allow one to be tough with others. Instead, Taekwondo students are expected to be humble, courteous, respectful and careful about when and where they practice their skills. The instructors continuously remind students that Taekwondo is about self improvement and not a tool for bullying.

Yes. It is a requirement of our program. Please let the office know if you need a uniform. During the summer we allow shorts and an EDGE t-shirt.

Each belt has a set of curriculum, after successfully practicing that curriculum our instructors will invite students to a belt test.