WUSHU Martial Arts

Ages 5+

At times, children need a structured program to channel their energy, enhance their focus and listening skills, and support their physical development. As a parent, you require a program that reinforces the discipline and life skills you instill at home.

Our NEW Wushu program offers a comprehensive introduction and advanced training in Wushu, a traditional Chinese martial art also known as Kung Fu. This program is designed for individuals of all ages, from children to adults, and it caters to all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

As children progress through the ranks, they develop a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Join us and experience the exciting world of Wushu! We welcome individuals of all ages and levels of experience.


Every new student undergoes an initial assessment during their first class to determine their readiness for the high-energy environment of our martial arts classes. Crucial qualities we look for include the ability to listen effectively and display respect towards instructors. To make sure our program is a perfect fit for both the student and their family, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, reflecting our commitment to the satisfaction and success of each family that joins our martial arts community.

Discover the most convenient day and time for your family by browsing the options below. To reserve your spot, click on “Register” and provide all the necessary information. The fees mentioned below represent the monthly cost for attending one class per week during the month. Kindly note that a $25 annual membership is required for all students to be part of the facility.

Monthly Tuition:
1 class per week = $97 mo
Second enrollment and beyond -50% of class tuition


BEGINNERS (5-12yrs)

For our youngest participants, the program focuses on building basic physical conditioning, coordination, and balance. Wushu’s foundational stances, jumps, kicks, and punches are introduced in a fun and engaging manner. We also emphasize discipline, respect, and concentration, values intrinsic to martial arts that can translate into improved academic performance and overall behavior. Through engaging, play-based learning in each session, children will swiftly experience the excitement of Wushu training!


Our teen program introduces more complex Wushu techniques, including various weapon forms and taolu (routine) training. We continue to emphasize physical conditioning and flexibility, and we introduce sparring concepts. This program helps teens improve their concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence.


About Coach Binh

Coach Binh embarked on his martial arts journey in 1997, initially learning Aikido before transitioning to Kung Fu, where he honed his true talent. He had the privilege of training with renowned martial artists like Master Hu Jiangiang, Master Daniel Pesina, and China action movie star Gordan Liu. Sifu Binh earned his Kung Fu Black belt in 2002 and Wushu Black Sash in 2010, distinguishing himself in competitions with multiple first place finishes in National and International Tournaments across various disciplines. Holding a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sifu Binh values education as integral to human development. With a mission to disseminate Kung Fu and Wushu within his community, he seeks to empower his students, enhancing their lives through martial arts.